Sunday, February 14, 2010

A weekend for holidays

It's two days late, but Happy Darwin day! Darwin was born on February 12, 201 years ago. In previous years, I've prepared essays for Darwin Day, but I didn't have time this year on account of I had to write a lab report. In any case, there is a limitation on my knowledge of Darwin and evolutionary biology.

Did I forget any other important holidays? Oh! It's also Chinese New Year. Gung Hey Fat Choi.

This is the year of the tiger. As the internet tells me, that means that all people born this year will have the unusual characteristic of being sometimes generous, and sometimes selfish. They also tend to be incompatible with people born in the year of the sheep. If that sounds totally like you, your age must be a multiple of 12. Either that or it isn't. Astrology isn't perfect, see, so you should forget about any misses.

We're eating gyoza! Yum.