Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The pink beast

I heard this story, which at first, I didn't know what to make of.

The story focuses on a YouTube sensation.  In the YouTube video, he and another man are dressed in big body suits that look a bit like Big Bird.  They're playing with a little baby, who is crawling all over their big fluffy costumes.  The other man needs to go, so he turns to leave and starts walking away.  And then our man delivers the punchline.  Holding out the baby he says, "Hey!  You forgot your baby!"

But the YouTube video itself isn't really relevant.  Later, the guy hears a legend about a great pink beast somewhere at the bottom of a particular lake.  Somehow he becomes convinced that this pink beast is the spirit of his dead wife.  So he meets with a local man, who is extremely skeptical, but willing to help.  To get the beast to reveal itself, he drives a car into the lake, as the local man stands by to help.

After he swims out of the car and lake, he starts shouting that there's something there.  The local man rushes to the edge of the lake, and watches the water, which has suddenly become clear.  The dirt at the bottom moves around until a small ledge appears, which lifts up, becoming the ceiling of an impossible cave.  Inside, clear as day, is the pink beast.  I saw clear video documentation of this, and I thought the beast looked like a buffalo.

The story ends there.  I puzzled about the explanation.  Clearly the beast isn't really his dead wife.  Could the two men be liars and hoaxers?  Maybe Brian Dunning should do an episode about this.

Then I woke up, and the explanation became obvious.  This also explains why the man was wearing his Big Bird costume as he drove into the lake.


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope somebody knows what you are talking about. This is a different sort of a puzzle.

miller said...

It was all a dream! I never actually heard this story anywhere, I just dreamt that I heard it.

Anonymous said...

I know you said it was a dream, and dreams don't need to make sense, but you also said the explanation became obvious. So I thought it was a puzzle, because it isn't obvious to me!