Monday, October 29, 2007

Apparently, Dumbledore is gay

The buzz is that Dumbledore is gay. Or it was, a week ago. Yeah, I'm pretty slow at reporting news. Anyways... spoiler alert?

So if you hadn't already heard, you're probably not paying attention to the important news. Oh... wait. But if you haven't heard, Rowling said at an event (transcript here) that "[She] always thought of Dumbledore as gay." And, of course, a conservative writer gives his obligatory indignant response (via Pharyngula). Pretty funny, actually.

In that article, John Mark Reynolds questions the authority of Rowling over her stories. Unfortunately, fiction is not like the real world, and there are genuine authorities. That said, if the fan base wants to, it would be possible to remove it from the canon, especially since you would never have known if Rowling hadn't said anything.

However, I think Rowling's claim, now that we've all heard it, stands on its own without her authority, really. Dumbledore's homosexuality explains why he followed around Grindelwald when he was younger--it wasn't Grindelwald's crazy fascist agenda, but Grindelwald himself. That means that Dumbledore's greatest character flaw has an excuse. Also, Dumbledore was always talking about the "power of love", and now we know why. So... into the canon it goes!

And for no particular reason, it's time for some Dino Comics! This feeling of senselessness you now have is called surrealism.

oh man, last night is so non-canon