Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On having a small audience

I was debating with myself earlier whether I should try submitting a post to the Skeptic’s Circle. It’s probably too late right now to write something up, but there’s always the week after next.

I’m sure it’s clear by now that my blog has a serious inferiority complex going on. I have a little trouble finding the motivation to do much self-promotion. Most of the topics in my mind are really abstract, with nothing so concrete as, say, debunking a specific claim. These are things anyone can think about; you don’t need me. I'm not sure who my audience is really. I've pointed this blog out to a few friends (making me only semi-anonymous), and I link to it every time I de-lurk, but I don't know if anyone has taken the bait.

Anyway, sorry for this bit of cynicism. I’ve probably scared away what few lurkers I had, if indeed I had any. If you’re still here, drop a comment, or I’ll probably write increasingly angsty posts. Not really. In the mean time, I have to figure out how to get some sort of site statistics.


Mpromptu said...

If you post it, they will come :)

Don't worry about the audience. Just write what interests you (whenever the motivation strikes) and if others like it, the audience will find you.

If you're proud of a posting, submit it to the various circles and carnivals.

And tends to give decent, free stats :)

miller said...

Wow, Hemant commented! You've made me feel so much better.

I've already got statcounter going now, but thanks for suggesting it.

And I haven't lost motivation to write just yet. I actually have several drafts in various stages.

Blake Stacey said...

I second the "write what interests you" plan.

Blake Stacey said...

Oh, and if you share your experiences about being an undergraduate physics major, I'm sure you'll find an appreciative audience.

miller said...

Thanks for the advice. Physics is one of things that interests me...

Oh, and I admire your blog.

DeralterChemiker said...

Skepticism is fine, but it's all negative. Try invention. That's making something out of nothing, but staying within scientific boundaries, i.e., the boundaries of the real world and its natural laws. For example, what should we do about global warming? What will work, and what is politically acceptable and possible?

miller said...

But that would go against the premise of my blog, which is to talk about philosophy, critical thinking, and other abstract things that I realize have very little direct practical application.

I also realize skepticism is in some ways less useful than invention, but it is also correspondingly easier. I could talk about serious issues like global warming, but I would not have a whole lot to add.

But I appreciate the comment, stranger *wink*.