Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Previously, on The Internet

Before I got into reading blogs, I used to be a puzzle enthusiast. By puzzles I specifically refer to free form word puzzles, much like the sort collected by Martin Gardner, or the ones written by Infophilia for the recent Skeptic's Circle. I got my puzzles from somewhere on the internet, and I even wrote many puzzles myself. I can't say I hold the same enthusiasm for puzzles that I once did, but I think it had a huge influence on me.

For one thing, I was introduced to the internet. I became appreciative of writing, something that I don't think I really liked before. Writing a puzzle or solution can take a tremendous amount of precise communication. And of course, I learned a ton of random tidbits in logic, math, and problem solving. I think you could say that my interest in problem solving has manifested itself in other ways, now that I'm in college. You might also say that my approach to looking at issues has been shaped by my approach to solving puzzles.

This is relevant to my blog, because there are lots of puzzle related things that I can talk about. I can explain lots of things I've learned in math and logic. I can analyze any of the classic puzzles (and I've seen them all). I can present some of my own puzzles or other puzzles that I've seen. Does that sound good?