Friday, October 5, 2007

Hello world

So I read a handful of blogs, all in the arena of science and skepticism. After mostly lurking for a year, I decided on a whim to create my own blog.

At the moment, I am extremely humble about this. Most of the blogs I read are really major blogs that update frequently, and here, I'm writing a blog that I expect to accumulate no readers, and may go defunct mid-sentence. If I were not the author of this blog, I might never read it. I have low expectations, but we'll see how it works out.

Assuming I ever write another post, I simply plan to talk about my opinions. As the title of my blog might indicate, my viewpoint is the skeptical viewpoint. If you, single reader, knew me in person, it would perhaps not be essential to know that I am of skeptical persuasion, but blogs are simply conducive to this sort of expression. I expect to mostly play around with abstract concepts, such as the arguments people use, and talk little about the things that pertain to real life. Thus "Skeptic's Play." I didn't think about the title too much.